Top 5 Best notes App for Android

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“Oh! I forgot to bring your specs from shop.” – Similarly, did you missed some important task? Or forgot to revert back someone? Well, in this 21st Century – working couples and daily hectic routines, sometime, makes people forget certain small yet important works, or they are not able to manage their day accordingly. To overcome this issue, several Memo or Note able apps has been introduced by many technical giants. You must be wondering which one is worth downloading and exploring? In fact some apps does sound or appear good but ends up to filling up your memory unnecessarily.

Now with few amazing apps you can simply begin your reminder-cum-To-do-Jar with a note and add Audio, alarm, pictures, attachments, business cards, etc. These are an enhanced method to remember things, just with a glance. Through these Apps one can save its reminder note and can share with anybody on other apps too. They have incorporated all what a person with a weak or busy memory needs. Therefore, pick your key to memory from these top, amazing and very facilitating apps


Evernote focuses mainly on organising your notes more precisely. Even you will get notify at a certain time or place which you had set at the time of programming your note. It’s a free app.

  1. GoogleKeep

Another interactive google app to opt for your To-do-List noting. With similar features encountering pictures, audio, sharing, etc. facilities to make your reminder more easily assessable.

  1. Just Reminder

A note app with facilities of reminder along with security through password, varieties of notification tone to get each alert different from other and to make it up with variation in themes. App costs around 5$.

  1. ColorNote

An app with simplicity and colourful notes makes your to-do-list or wish lists get an easy look and assess.

  1. Catch Note

Another sophisticated app for your mobile you can opt to fulfil your requirement. You can also try its paid version which has all the facilities of interactive features.