October Month Calendar Page of 2018

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October marks the onset of autumn season in Indian subcontinent giving us just the touch of upcoming winters. India has many festivals during this pleasant weather which fill our lives with joy and happiness. This breaks the monotonous feeling from our daily life and brings energy back to our lives.

The important dates for October in 2018 are as follows :

  1. 2nd October : mahatma gandhi jayanti. This is the date when mahatma gandhi was born. This day is celebrated all over the country as bapu jayanti. This day now is celebrated as swachh bharat divas, which is an endeavor to keep india clean and green.
  2. 9th October : mahalaya. Marks the beginning the durga pooja in West Bengal and other Bengali dominant state. This is the annual festival of hindu bengalies. This is a huge festival for bengali community and is marked by winning of good over evil. Where the good signifies the goddess durga who kills Ashur mahishasur and triumphs the victory of good will.
  3. 10th October : maharaja agrasen jayanti. It is celebrated by the Hindus which mark the birth anniversary of maharaja agrasen. It is from him that agarwals and agrahari community has originated. He was the king of agrohas. This day is celebrated on the fourth of the month of ashwin.
  4. 16th October : saptami. This is when the durga pooja starts in bengal and also in other parts of india. This is a major annual festival of the bengalies. The festival is marked by wearing new clothes, visiting pandals where the deity of goddess durga which is called pandal hopping. This celebration of goddess durga continues for 4 days that is saptami, ashtami, navami and dashami. On the dashami the deity of the goddess Durga along with her children Lakshmi, Saraswati, Ganesh and kartik are immersed in water. This is called vashan. The day of dashami is celebrated by sindoor khela and distribution of sweets to neighbours and relatives.
  5. 19th October : dushsherra. This is end of ramnavami and is marked by burning a huge putla of ravan the demon, to patronize the victory of good over evil. As Lord ram assassinated ravan, the good over bad won. A huge mela is organized as cultural dramas from ramayan is organized. The entire putla of ravan is made of fire crackers and is when burnt is a dramatic scene to watch.
  6. 24th October : lakshmi puja. Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Therefore Lakshmi puja is a widely celebrated Hindu festival all the country. Generally Lakshmi is performed by the ladies of the household as they are considered the Lakshmi of their own house. Flowers and sweets are offered to the goddess and blessings are seemed for a wealthier and happy future.
  7. 24th October : maharishi valmiki birthday. Valmiki is a famous Hindu saint and creator of ramayana, the mythology of Hindu culture. His birthday is celebrated in many parts of northern India, like uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar and jharkhand.