November Month Calendar 2018

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Hello Light Month! Another favourite month of mine. I am expressing this month as Light month as the arrival of Diwali festival bright entire India with earthen lights, crackers, candles and bright smile on our faces. In Indian culture Diwali brings a bundle of celebrations of about 15days. Let’s see what exactly this month is having to brighten up our November 2018.

  1. The prayer of god of Treasure, Lord Dhanvantari, will be observed on 05th November 2018 as Dhanteras. This day people buy new stuffs for their House, Offices, shops, Vehicles, etc. Then they worship the new articles as well as Lord Dhanvantri for prosperity and wealth.
  2. On 6th November 2018, day before Diwali, people worship God of Death, Yam. This day is known as Narak Chaturdashi.
  • The Day of India’s biggest festival, Diwali, is falling on 7th November 2018 (Kartika Amavasya). The day celebrated on account of Lord Rama returning from 14 years long exile. People worship Lord Laxmi, Ganesha& Saraswati as a symbol of wealth, prosperity, intelligence, education & Fortune. This day every street of India shines with lights.
  1. The very next dayafter Diwali(8th November 2018) is celebrated as Govardhan Puja. This day Lord Krishna took Govardhan Mountain on his little finger, saved the villagers from heavy flood caused by Indra. This day many different celebrations are done in India among different cultures. Some perform govardhan puja by making small mountain of cow dung (in front of house a symbol of govardhan mountain taking care of their home and family members) and worship Cows,Annakoot Puja (Mix vegetable is offered to lord Krishna) and Padwa Day i.e. Gujarati’s New Year (starting of VikramSamvat New year).
  2. Bhai Dooj– Day for brother sister unending bond where sister do prayer for her brother’s long life and prosperity and tie a silk thread as sign of protection to her brother.. It is falling on 9th November 2018.
  3. One of the biggest celebration in Bihar as well as among Hindu’s are Chhatt Puja or Shasti. This day ladies observe fast and a huge gathering is done near lake or river and a traditional worshipping of Lord Sun is performed as thanksgiving to Sun for sustaining life on Earth. It is falling on 13th November 2018
  • 14th November 2018, the day dedicated to Children’s on account of our Formal Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru’s Birthday. This day is named as Children’s Day.
  • Prabhodhini Ekadashi or TulsiVivah, This day is celebrated as the day when Lord Vishnu wakes up after 4 months of meditation and the day when Tulsi got married to Lord Vishnu. Its falling on 20th November 2018
  1. Eid-E-Milad, on 21st November 2018, the day when Prophet Muhammad was born. The celebration is done by organising big fest and gathering.
  2. Guru Nanak Jayanti, the birthday of the founder and 1st guru of Sikhismis fallingon 23rd November 2018.

Really lots of festivals and the enjoyment engaged with it is unlimited. Well this lightfulmonth of 2018 owns 4 Saturdays and 4 Sundays. And If you really want something different, you can plan up a tour and can explore Diwali of cultures. As whole India is involved in this festival and you can explore variety of celebration across India. But some traditional events are organised on the following days–

  1. Date 16th November 2018 – Gopastami, VrindavanThe day when the Lord Krishna’s ritual of becoming cowherd is performed. Local Drama/Play on Lord Krishna’s story are performed.
  2. Dates 22nd November 2018 – Ganga Mahotsav or Dev Deepawali, Varanasi, UP. The day when Lord Shiva win over Tripurasur. This day people perform worship at River Ganga. They light up entire bank of Ganga and traditional rituals are performed.