June month calendar detail for 2018 Year

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Indians always intend to float on the festive mood to achieve some recreation from the constant workload in daily life. The festivals provide relief from the boring monotonous life and bring new delightful moments in life.

6th June- This day is observed as Kalashtami and may also be termed as Kala Asthami. This festive mood can also be observed on the Asthami day of Krishna Paksha of each month. The most important and significant Kalasthami is known as Kalvairavi Jayanthi. It may be followed by the lunar calendar and according to South Indians; this Kal Vairav may lie in Kartik month. The name is given with the belief that Lord Shiva appeared in the form of Vairav on the same day,

16th June- This day is celebrated as Vinayaka Chathuthi. This day of Chaturthi is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. People worship Lord Ganesha on the eve of Chathurthi. There are two Chathurthi in the month. The Chathurthi in Sukla Paksha is known as Vinayak Chathurthi.  

23rd June –This day is observed as Gayatri Jayanthi where Gayatri is the goddess of Veda. Gayatri is the goddess of all four Vedas and for this purpose, she is known as Veda Mata. The devotees observe the day and worship the mata Gayatri on the ekadashi day of Sukla Paksha.

27th June-The day is celebrated as Vat Purnima Vrat and is observed by the married women generally for the desire of long life of their husbands. This Vat Purnima Vrat is similar as vat Savitri Vrat. The married women in Maharashtra South India and Gujarat observe Vat Savitri Vrat fifteen days later than the women of North India.

It may be concluded that the Indian males and females keep their belief in different forms of god and goddess. The nature of celebrations may be different for the different states. The fact is that everybody finds peace in mind by keeping faith in god and they try to pay their devotion by worship.