July Month Calendar 2018 With Important Dates

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India is a land of festivals. We are known to the entire world for our rich, diverse yet integrated culture, traditions and rituals.  Our motherland comprises of people with various culture and taste who have their own traditional rituals and celebration according to their climate and weather, according to crops they grow or according to how their ancestors started some rituals.  In each and every month we have something or other festival going on in some part of the country. The festivities of July are in the year 2018 are the following:

Saturday 14th July, rathyatra : it involves big wooden chariot arch of very large size with deities inside of jagannath lord who is lord vishnu avatar, subhadra his sister and balaram, his brother. It is a hindu festival mainly in the state of orissa and also west bengal and jharkhand. There is very sacred temple of lord jagannath in puri orissa which is a pilgrimage site of Hindus. Rathyatra is a annual festival which starts on asadha shukla dwitiya and ends on asadha sukhla shukla dashami. It is very big procession of lord jagannath known to travel to his maternal home. Millions of people are a part of this procession. Various other rath yatras also take place in india like in states of kerala, tamil nadu and nepal. The word rathyatra is devices from two sanskrit words rath means chariot and yatra means pilgrimage. It is one of very most important festivals of hindu religion.

Wednesday, 20th July : kharchi puja. This festival is a Hindu festival and comes from the nosth east and is celebrated in the state of tripura. In this festival 14 God’s and goddess are worshipped in the month of July or August who built the tripura dynasty. Here in tripura khar means sin and chi means cleaning. So it is believed that during this festival all your sins get washed away. This celebration lasts for seven consecutive days. Every day a huge number of people worship the gods and offer Prasad as sweets, and even goat or Buffalo to the gods. Various cultural programmes are also held.

Sunday, 15 July : bonalu. This is a Hindu festival celebrated in parts of telengena state, in parts of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. It is an annual festival of goddess mahankali jonalu. Here ladies prepare offerings made from milk, jaggery, tulsi, neem and jaldi in an earthen pot and lit a lamp at the top of the pot. The ladies do parikrama or go around the goddess. The woman carrying bonalu are thought to be possessed by the goddess and when they enter the temple water is sprinkled in their feet. The goddess is also known by the names of mysamma, pochamma, pedhamma, ankalamma and many more. This festival is celebrated in the months of asada and shravana. The festival is celebrated on Sunday and on the first Sunday the festival starts with worship of s Temple in Golconda fort in Hyderabad and then is celebrated in all over gelen gana.