Important of month of November 2018

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November marks the end of autumn season and the beginning of the winter. The climate turns cold and chills run in the air. India has a lot of occasions on the winter as well. The important dates are the following :

  1. 5th November : dhanteras. This is the first day of Hindu Diwali festival and is celebrated on the 13th day of Krishna paksha in the month of ashwin. It is widely celebrated all over india. Dhanteras is celebrated by worshipping goddess dhanvantari who is the teacher of all physicians. Hindus on this buy metals like gold or silver which is known to be a blessing of goddess dhanvantari and will in turn prosper the wealth people have. Goddess Lakshmi is also worshipped on this day.
  2. 6th November : kalipuja, Tamil deepavali. On this day in many Hindu areas goddess Kali is worshipped mainly in Bengali community on the of amavasya that is new moon. The puja is during the night and offerings like sweets and in some places even goat are offered
  3. 7th November : Diwali, deepavali. It is a Hindu festival celebrated all over the country. Mythological reference is Lord ram returned on this day to his kingdom of ayodha after rescuing goddess sita. So the triumph the victory of good over evil the entire ayodha kingdom was lit with diyas. And so deepavali is considered the festival of lights. During this festival the home is lit with lights and candles. Sweets and fruits are shared with relatives and neighbours. The festival of light also enlighten the mind and soul.
  4. 9th November : Bhai dooj. The sacred relationship of brother and sister is celebrated on this day as the festive mood of Diwali continues. The sisters put chandan tika on their brother’s forehead and wish for their long lives. Blessings and good wishes along with gifts are exchanged. This is a Hindu festival prevalent in northern states of India.
  5. 11th November : nagula chavithi. This is a telegu festival of nag panchami. Also called nag chaturthi, celebrated on the fourth day after deepavali amavasya on the month of kartik. It is mainly maintained by the women for the well being of their children. Devotees offer milk and dry fruits to nag devta.
  6. 13th November : chhat puja. This is also a Hindu festival where worship of Lord sun is done who keeps us the earthly beings alive with its sun rays. It is mainly celebrated in northern India like Bihar, uttar Pradesh and in Nepal. Rituals include sun bathing, fasting, abstaining from drinking water, standing for long in the water.
  7. 17th November : jagadhatri puja. Jagadhatri is a Hindu goddess worshipped mainly in northern Indian states and also Bengal. Idols of the goddess are worshipped and huge crowd can be seen during these days of the puja. In Bengal a place called chandannagar organize huge Mela on this occasion along with sandals of goddess jagadhatri.
  8. 23rd November : kartik Purnima, guru Nanak jayanti. This is an auspicious occasion both for Sikh and Hindu community.