The important festival in September Month 2018

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September marks itself with many kinds of festivals from all over india. Be it janmasthami or onam or muharram, September festivals includes all religion hindus, Sikhs and muslims and all regions be it north india or south India.  It unites people over a strong bond.

The important dates of September in 2018 are as follows :

  1. 1st September : prakash utsav sri guru granth sahabji. It is the birth anniversary of 10th sikh leader guru granth sahib. Year 2017 marked the 350th birth anniversary of his. It is also known as guru purav and is a very auspicious occasion for the sikh religion.
  2. 3rd September : janmasthami. It is the hindu festival celebrated due to birth anniversary of krishna, 8th reincarnation of lord vishnu. It is marked by flying kites, breaking dahi bandi and distribution of sweets. It is widely celebrated in northern india with great zeal and enthusiasm. Matki phor and dahi hundi is widely practised all over india.
  3. 10th September : birthday of baba sri chand ji. Sri chand was the elder son of guru Nanak and the founder of Sikhism. This is a very valuable occasion for all Sikhs all over india.
  4. 11th September : muharram. It is a muslim festival held in the second holy month of islam. Muharram means forbidden. It is a day of grieving and mourning for the shia muslims as the marked for victory over Pharaoh of egypt by musa and his people. Therefore muslims fast on these days as directed by muhammad.
  5. 12th September : teej 1hariyali. This is a Hindu festival celebrated in parts of Bihar, jharkhand, uttar Pradesh, chhattisgarh and madhya Pradesh. This festival is kept by married Indian woman for the longer age of their husband. They are celebrated in sawan and bhadra months in Indian native calendar. This auspicious day is marked by the Union of Lord Shiva and goddesses Parvati. So women pray to goddess Parvati for their Happy and married conjugal life. Teej includes three festivals. These are hariyali teej, kajari teej and hartalika teej. During this festival married woman visit their own parent’s house preferably wearing green saree and they send gifts for their daughter in baskets back.
  6. 13th September : ganesh chaturthi. This festival is largely celebrated in maharashtra and also in many parts of north india. Marked by worship of lord ganesha, son of shiva and parbati. Ganesha is called sidhivinayak as every prayer asked to him is answered.
  7. 14th September : nuakhai. It is mainly an agricultural festival celebrated in the state of orissa for welcoming the new rice season.
  8. 25th September : third onam. Considered one of the days of onam. Onam comprises of 4 days of celebrations and rituals.
  9. 26th September : fourth onam. Onam is celebrated in Kerala annually and consist of four days. It is accompanied by boat racing, women dancing, mask dancing, tiger dances, flower arrangements and many more cultural activities. It is celebrated according to malayalam calender dates.