Important Dates in February Month 2018 Calendar

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The New Year is going to bring a lot of new hopes and aspirations for the citizens all around the world. Similarly in India, the coming year plays equally significant role in celebrating the good things in life. India is a country which has a wide range of festivals all round the year. They say in twelve months the country has thirteen festivals to be celebrated. Every month of a year has some specialty in it. Today we will be discussing what are the most important dates in the month of February in the year 2018:

Significant Dates in 2018 February Month

February 10thThis day is celebrated in the state of Haryana as the Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti. The Swamiji founded the Arya Samaj. He was a religious leader who did many good works for mankind and human society. In the Vedic tradition, Arya Samaj was a reform movement. His main aim was always to unite people all together and celebrate the brotherhood and be of help to each other at all times.

February 13th and 14thThese two dates account for the celebrations of the Maha Shivratri in India in the auspicious month of February.  This is a festival of the Hindus celebrated to honor God Shiva. On the spiritual calendar of India this is a significant date. The 14th date comprised of in the lunar month which comes just before the new moon comes is the night of the God Shiva. People who are treading on the spiritual path this day are very important.

February 16th –Losar is a festival of the Tibetians and is celebrated in Sikkim in India. Nepal and Bhutan also celeberates this festival but the dates may differ. This is the official New Year for the people in Sikkim. It is also known as Sonam Lhochhar. People to celeberate the day visits local springs and offers gratitude which rituals. They do not indulge into drinkingon this day. The Naggas or the spirits of the water are offered offerings. Local spirits are offered smokes. These believes began years back and till today has been passed on from one generation to another. Some anthropologists do believe that such beliefs and offerings are nothing but projections of fear of human minds for the unknown world.

February 19th –Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti is celeberated in Maharashtra on this day with great grand and pomp. He was a warrior king of the Maratha kingdom which is now Maharashtra. This day is celebrated each year his birth anniversary. As per the Hindu calendar the day is celebrated on the tithi of Falgun Vadya Tritya. A secular warrior was Shivaji who wanted to overthrow the entire Mughal empire for creating his own independent Martha Empire.

Life is a blessing for every human being. The very reason that we are all alive calls for celebrations. No way must the above festivals be ignored. It is the rich cultural heritage and traditions of our nation which holds all the country men and women together.