The End of Year December Month 2018

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December presents winter season in India. There are many festivals in India which are celebrated during these winter months. The festival dates in December 2018 are the following :

  1. 5th December : Mashik shivratri. This day worship of lord Shiva is done. Especially during the night. In hindu community lord Shiva is considered to be a benevolent lord and can be pleased with easy offerings. Fruit, milk sweets are offered to shiv linga by devotees. Mainly done by women and girls of the hindu community, the entire day fast is maintained which is completed after consuming the prasad of the worship of lord Shiva.
  2. 11th December : vinayaka chaturthi. This is the day when lord Ganesha is worshipped. Lord Ganesha is considered the son of God Shiva and goddess parvati. This hindu lord has head that looks like of an elephant and is the symbol of wealth and prosperity. He is offered ladoo as offerings as it is known to be his favourite food. Vinayaka chaturthi is more prevalent in northern and western states of India.
  3. 16th December : dhanu sankranti. Mainly celebrated in the states of Orissa. It is an auspicious occasion of Hindu as sun enter the dhanu Rashi or the sagattarius constellation. On this occasion sun is worshipped during the sunrise with diyas fruits and sweets. Sanskrit enchanting related to lord sun are also offered to him.
  4. 21st December : rohini This is mainly prevalent in the Jain community. This ritual or vrat is generally performed by the women of household for long life of their husbands. It is known to free you from poverty and all kinds of sorrow. This is mainly prevalent in the states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.
  5. 22nd December : Annapurna jayanti. This is the occasion of annual puja of goddess Annapurna. Goddess Annapurna is known for health and “paripurna Bhandar” and help people in time of their distress. Goddess Annapurna is considered to be a reincarnation of goddess Lakshmi. Mainly prevalent in northern part of the India but also celebrated by south Indian states like Tamil Nadu and Kerala.
  6. 25th December : Christmas day. This is the when Jesus Christ was born. This is not only celebrated in India but the whole world. This festival is of Christians. This is their annual festival. They celebrate with exchange of gifts, cards and good wishes. A Christmas tree is placed in every house and decorated with ribbons and balls. Santa Claus, a fictitious character as children know him, is known to give gifts to children and fulfill the wishes that they prayed to Jesus Christ. He keeps the gifts by the Christmas tree which is discovered by the kids in the morning. This festive mood continues till the new year.
  7. 27th December : mandala pooja. It is an auspicious and important ritual celebrated in Kerala in the temple of sabarimala ayyapa. This day marks the end of 41 days long austerity in Kerala and are celebrated by devotees of lord ayyapa.