2018 Year in best career opportunity in Hospitality industry

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In the modern days of science, technology and advancement, the world has become a global village and people move from one corner of the Earth to other with ease and confidence. The reasons for making the movement’ comfortable are many; out of which hospitality in the place traveled to takes an important position. It makes people wanted, comfortable and leaves them with an urge to come again. Hospitality changed to a greater dimension from being related to a particular individual or family into an industry catering to the needs of people from different countries, cultures, tastes and languages. It has boomed into a gigantic industry by itself and attracts talent of different kinds especially those with a heart to serve.

The above quote sums up a career in hospitality industry; making people feel better about themselves irrespective of the place they come from, language they speak or habits they have. It is all about, recognizing their needs, respecting them and serving with a smile.

What does it take to be able to do so? First, it is a matter of heart and then mind that is attitude and skills. Let us examine a few of the qualities which make a person the perfect fit in the hospitality industry

Pleasant Disposition: The first and foremost quality is to be pleasant and an ability to bring happiness in the surroundings because of your presence. Some may ask “have I got a magic wand to do so?” and I would emphatically say “yes”. All of us have a magic wand inside of us, which can bring smiles on faces of people and make them happy. The way to do it is develop calmness within ourselves and be nice to people.

Respect: Hospitality industry attracts people from different countries all over the world and if it caters to domestic market, people from different regions. Every country and region are distinguished by their unique characteristics which are ingrained in its people as well. A person in hospitality industry has to respect everyone’s individuality without any bias or prejudice. Sometimes, the customs, food habits, behavior of people may seem to vary from your deep rooted beliefs or what you think is right but, remember that everyone is a different person and has a right to be so.

Tactful Behavior: It is well known that while dealing with people a common standard or rules do not hold good. You need to be tactful in understanding the way one understands and responds. Probably, when one responds to your greetings with a smile, other may just nod his head. It may even be possible that some people like a small talk about weather, the day, food and so on along with greetings, while others like to keep to themselves. Observe, understand and behave with tact.