Why we select best date for vehicle purchase?

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“Safety on Road” is the motto of every person while driving or riding, so as positive efficiency of the vehicle is equally desired. It’s been a famous saying that you may be standing firm on road principles but you cannot take the guarantee of the other riders. Generally, most people think that extend of importance of purchasing new car on a good muhurt (timing) is equivalent to proper driving on road. I will take you through the two different perspective of the vehicle purchase (based on vehicles-on-best-dates-concept).

  1. From buyer point of view– Spending your hard-work-earning in purchasing a car, makesyour vehicle more precious for you. And the main concern is to make sure about the safety of your purchase. To give a mental satisfaction of future safety of yours as well as your vehicle, people do try to purchase it on some suitable date, orauspicious days, vehicle number & colour – even if it’s costing you extra bucks. They also do perform vehicle rituals by priest after purchasing. Also, I have witnessed an older person in pune, who make sure that the shop, place, vehicle, colour, purchasing time and date of purchase (numerology) should suit his Zodiac sign. According to him, it’s a matter of his life, vehicle and money invested. So the overall concern is about one’s safety which makes the purchasing Date so significant.
  2. Sellers point of View-Now a days, even sellers do know the thought process of a buyers. So these days in market, particularly on auspicious days, variants of offers related to vehicle purchase can be seen. To earn buyer’s trust and loyalty, sellers do offer some spiritual signs or mantras as a gift during car purchasing as a token of safety to the buyer.


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