Month of August in 2018 calendar

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India is full of diverse culture and tradition. It comprises of 29 states and 7 union territories. And each and every state has its own cultural festivals and celebrations which are popular amongst the native people. But there are many national festivals too which are celebrated in every part of india and unite the people beyond their language, culture and rituals.

The important dates of August in 2018 are the following :

  1. 3 August : ker puja. This is a hindu festival celebrated in North East state of tripura. It is quiet peculiar puja started by the rajas or kings of the kingdom. During this festival the boundaries of the state are sealed and offerings are made to the goddess. This festival follows karchi puja which is also held in tripura.
  2. 11 August : karkkadaka vavu. It is hindu festival performed in Kerala by the malayalam people to pray offerings for their ancestors. This festival is scheduled in the month of karkidakam according to malayalam calender. It is also known as vavu bali. The prayers for grandparents, parents, siblings, children are made on this day on the date of amabasya. The prayers called the shraddham rituals are done on the banks of river or sea or any water body.
  3. 15 August : independence day. On this very day, our motherland india gained independence from 200 years old british colonial rule and established its own government. This day is celebrated through out the entire india in schools, colleges and government offices. Also in local clubs and social gatherings. This day we remember the sacrifice of thousands of freedom fighters who fought for our country. This day is declared as national holiday in indian sub continent.
  4. 17 August : parsi new year. Also called shahenshahi, this is a festival of parsi or Zoroastrian the worshippers of fire. This festival is mainly common in the state of maharashtra. Jamshed the king of parsis first started the new calender of parsis. The first day of the year is known as nowroz in afganistan. It celebrated with cleaning the house, wearing new clothes, offering gifts to people and making charitable donations.
  5. 22 August : eid al adha. This is one of the two auspicious occasion for muslim in india and all over the world. It is marked by a sacrifice of a goat and is considered as the sacrifice feast. This eid is considered more auspicious than the other one.
  6. 23 August : first onam. It is one of the major festivals of Kerala. It is a four day festival comprising of boat races, traditional dances, flower arrangements, worship of god, tiger dances, women dances, mask dances and many more
  7. 26 August : raksha bandhan. This is to celebrate tbe sacred relation of brother and sister in hindus in india. During this festival, a rakhi is tied in the hands or wrists of the brother by the sister. And there after she praya to protect her brother from all odds and dangers in life. And also praya for his long life. This festival is celebrated all over india with equal importance.