April Month Calendar Important in 2018

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Indians like to celebrate special days on the occasion of some memorable days or festivals. They like to sweep themselves in the waves of the celebrations and try to find new hopes and delighted moments through the events. You may look into the dates of April 2018 and find how the month may come in special way to you.

Some special dates in April 2018

1st April-This day is day is very special to the Christians as this day is celebrated in some special way by them. On this day, the Jesus Christ reappeared from his death bed after he was critically murdered. The Christians greet their loved ones on this occasion and celebrate in various manners in churches. The day is also declared as bank holiday as on this day banks will remain closed after fiscal year ending on 31st March.

14th April-This day is known solar New Year with the relative position of the earth with the sun. The earth is moving round the sun through an orbit. The solar calendar is maintained with the relative position of earth with the sun. The position which is taken as the first day of the orbital of the earth relative to the position of the sun is known as solar New Year. This type of calendar consists of 365 days. This day is celebrated with different styles.

30th April- This day is important due to the birth of Lord Gautama Buddha. This a full moon day and that is why the day is termed as Buddha Purnima. The celebration may be carried out by worship to Lord Buddha or Narayan puja of Hindu religion. This day is mostly celebrated by Buddhists on the birth anniversary of Siddhartha who was known as Lord Buddha after the promotion of Buddhism.

Indians always try to celebrate occasions and festivals and like to relish the beautiful moments to feel togetherness and to share happiness with others.